Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your First Home

Buying a home is an exciting, and terrifying time for first-time owners. However, most of the anxiety comes from the fear of the unknown. Thus, you ought to create a plan beforehand so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

To make sure you make the most of your purchase, and dot all of the i’s, here are some things you need to consider beforehand.


1. Make Sure It’s the Right Time to Buy a House

A lot of homeowners get sucked into the fantasy of buying a property, and they want to do it as soon as possible. However, when an investment is as important and expensive as this one, you have to consider whether now’s the best time to make a purchase.

Firstly, even though you may be ready to pack your bags and move to your forever home, the housing market may not be on the same page as you. If the prices have recently skyrocketed, or there’s not enough available real estate, it may be best to wait it out.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t force yourself into a purchase just because “it’s the buyer’s market”, or the mortgage rates are low. 

You should only buy a home if you feel that it’s the perfect one for you, and you’re ready to put down your roots there. 


2. Work Out the Finances

You must be realistic about your finances when purchasing a home. See how much you can afford out-of-pocket, and the amount you’ll need to take on as a loan. Also, give your budget some room to breathe, just in case the interest rates rise and your loan repayments go up.

When it comes to the loan itself, you will need to do some serious shopping around and negotiating. Talk to at least a couple of lenders about the loan and the interest rate they can offer you. 

The offer you’ll get mostly hinges on your income and commitments, the house deposit, as well as your credit report and score. 

Finally, keep in mind that the interest rate can make or break you in the future. Buying a house is an expensive, long-term commitment, so you need to be sure you will be able to afford it no matter what.

Pro tip: Enquire about the incentives available in the state you’re buying the home in. They could save you thousands of dollars. 


3. Find the Perfect Home

Once you’ve sorted the logistics out, it’s time to move on to the exciting part — looking at houses. You could start by browsing properties online, and get in contact with the real estate company once you have a clearer idea of what you’d like.

You could narrow your search to specific areas or property development companies to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by the offers. In the case of the latter, it’s best to rely on recommendations and reviews to ensure you’ve found a trustworthy developer.


Final Thoughts

Buying a new home doesn’t have to be nerve-racking and stressful. As long as you plan ahead, you’ll be able to set yourself for success and make sure your new home is everything you wanted it to be and more.

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Australia’s Premier Suburbs That Have Something to Offer to Everyone

During the last few years, so many of us have begun to consider diving into the suburbian waters. With the development, growth of the real estate market, etc, they’re just as comfortable and convenient to live in — at a fraction of the price. 

What’s more, different suburbs have something to offer to anyone. To help find the perfect location for you, we’ve created a list of the top three premier Australian suburbs.


Palm Beach — Luxurious Living

Palm Beach (or Palmy as it’s locally known) is one of the most exclusive, affluent suburbs in all of Australia. With a population of around 2,000 people, it provides the perfect getaway from the loud city hustle and bustle. 

Despite the somewhat pricey real estate, Palm Beach is a heaven for all sorts of artists. Writers, directors, musicians, and others have long since been inspired by the suburb’s glorious views and natural wildlife. 

The residents and tourists can also take advantage of numerous fun activities. Whether you prefer golfing, surfing, swimming, or just lounging around in the sun, Palm Beach can keep you busy and entertained.

Not to mention, there are plenty of famous attractions, most notably, the Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse, Blueberry Ash, as well as the luxurious Iluka Resort Apartments.


Tarneit — Booming Real Estate Market

Tarneit is located only 25 km from Sydney CBD, and it’s the up-and-coming suburb Kiwis are looking to. Back in 2016, it had a population of almost 35,000 people, and some estimates say that this number will almost double by 2031.

 What was once a grazing land, is now considered an urban hotspot, and it attracts people from all sorts of backgrounds. If anything, it’s a bit more popular with workers, and young families, thanks to its location and great schooling system.

Additionally, Tarneit is quite well-connected to other cities and suburbs, as it comes with a great system of train and bus lines. Moreover, the Wyndham Bus Networks went through a couple of major upgrades in order to ensure everyone has a quick and easy commute. 

That being said, possibly the best thing about the suburb is that the real estate market has managed to keep up with the demand quite well. Most notably, house and land packages Tarneit are cheaper than in most Sydney suburbs, with rents and mortgages coming in below the national median.


Manly — Beach Lover’s Paradise

This beach-side Sydney suburb is located only 17km from the CBD. It has long been established as a tourist spot, mostly due to the high cost of real estate here. With all of this in mind, it goes without saying that Manly is very popular with all sorts of people, from travelers to home buyers and investors.

However, despite the costly homes and rentals, there were around 15,000 people living here in 2016, and this number has likely grown exponentially since.

After all, what’s not to love? Long stretches of clean, sandy beaches, clean nature, and diverse wildlife. Additionally, there are several yacht clubs, over 20kms of cycle tracks, as well as a fascinating cultural life. One of the most popular events is the International Jazz Festival, held in October. 


Final Thoughts

As you’ve hopefully figured out by now, Australian suburbs have something to offer to anyone. Whether you’re on the lookout for inexpensive real estate in Tarneit, or a luxurious beach-side property in Palm Beach, you’ll surely be happy living in any of these suburbs.

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Linen VS Cotton Sheets: How Do You Choose?

While it is true that linen and cotton are made from plant, it is also true that they are different. Yes! They both feel different to touch. While cotton is soft and more welcoming, linen is mildly rough and withdrawn. They are both very popular materials in the world of sheets.

There are a lot of beautiful designs of linen and cotton sheets in the market today. This might make making a choice quite difficult. Choosing the sheets that would fit the aesthetics of your house should be less tasking after reading this article. Here, we aim at assisting readers in choosing sheets that fit your desire. Click here!

What is linen?

Linen is one of the most expensive sheets in the market. This is so because its manufacturing process is quite demanding. Linen possesses some features that outlast its cotton counterparts. Some of these features include;

  • It contains filtering properties that work to reduce germs and allergens from dwelling in it.
  • The material can prevent the buildup of static electricity between it and the human skin. Therefore making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Linens are the most comfortable sheets to use in the warm season because it is cool to feel.
  • Linens are known for being durable. Long fabrics are tightly interwoven to produce linen sheets. Hence, preventing early wear and tear of the sheet.
  • Linen sheets may feel rough on the skin at first but get smoother after consistent washing.

Cons of linen sheets

Below are some of the disadvantages of using linen sheets.

  • It is expensive because of the extensive and demanding production process.
  • The roughness of new linen sheets might be uncomfortable for some people.
  • It wrinkles easily and might require ironing to keep it presentable.
  • Linens have limited color variety and hardly comes in patterns.

What is cotton?

Cotton is more popular than linens. This is because cotton is more affordable than linens. The process involved in producing cottons are also cheaper and less extensive. Below are some features of cotton sheets.

  • For cotton the longer the fibers, the better the sheets.
  • It is durable but not as durable as linens.
  • Cotton sheets offer sleepers with breathability and a soft kind of comfort.
  • Washing cotton sheets also makes cotton softer and smoother.

Cons of using cotton sheets

  • Wrinkles easily and might require ironing.
  • Not as durable as linen sheets.
  • Holds water moisture for a long period, and takes a longer period to dry.


Finding quality sheets can be tasking. Especially when you just decided to move into a new apartment. Finding a sheet that matches your taste might be difficult. In reading this article, you would find that it is not as difficult as it may seem.

At the end of the day, sheet choices are a matter of preference. You are advised to choose that which would give you the best sleeping experience. Also, you can decide to base your choice on the weather. For the winter season, cotton would provide better comfort. While for the summer season, linen will provide better comfort. Click here for further details: https://www.staleyfarmsgolfclub.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-living-in-officer/

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Everything You Need to Know About Living in Officer

Officer is one the up and coming suburbs in the greater Melbourne area. So many people are flocking here, buying and renting properties all over the place. But is it the best place for you? Keep reading to find out whether moving to Officer will be the right choice for you.


General Information

Officer sits in traditional Aboriginal country, and is one of the more developed areas in Melbourne. The suburb was previously home to both brickmaking and timber industries, which helped put it on the map. It’s close to both Berwick (8km), and Melbourne (48km), making it popular with working professionals who don’t mind the commute.

Nowadays, Officer has become the hub of development, with new apartments, houses and even entire neighbourhoods being built. Additionally, the suburb now houses the Council seat, which sits in Officer’s Town Centre.



There are currently twelve schools in the Officer area. Most notably, the Officer Secondary College, Bridgewood Primary School and Berwick Grammar school, etc.

If you choose to live here, you’ll also be minutes away from both Arena and Beaconsfield shopping precincts. Additionally, one of the biggest perks of living in Officer is that you’ll have easy access to the M1 freeway, as well as great public transport. There are also several medical facilities in close proximity, so all of your needs will be met.

Another great thing about Officer is that it has plenty of green areas, parks, cafes and bars. So, residents can live a well-rounded lifestyle, and have all of the amenities they need within close reach.


The Real Estate Market

Officer consists of several residential communities, all of which are well-designed and maintained. The communities are made up of either houses or apartment complexes, giving you the ability to either rent or own your home. Additionally, there’s still land for sale Officer that allows you to build your dream home from scratch.

Price-wise, Officer is one of the most affordable suburbs in the greater Melbourne area. This is what draws a lot of homeowners here, as the suburb allows them to own their home outright, at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, because there’s still a lot of ongoing development here, homeowners can expect a high ROI when purchasing a property.

Many residents also love that the housing is created in medium density areas — giving everyone enough space to live, breathe and grow.


Who Lives Here?

Because of all of the amenities that Officer has to offer, it’s very popular with both working singles and families alike. There are also some retirees living here, as the area is very calm and the community is quite friendly. Finally, the suburb has become quite popular with developers, who are buying out the land for sale Officer left and right.


Final Thoughts

With great schooling, shopping and a developed infrastructure, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to Officer. There’s really not much more you could ask from the suburb. It’s a great choice for working people, families as well as retirees. The quiet streets and friendly neighbourhoods will surely take a special in your heart, keeping you here for good.

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Can A Garage Carpet Get Wet?

To understand whether a garage carpet can get wet, we first must talk about its make and installation process. These two factors play a key role in water retention (or lack of it) and must be taken into account before we come to a conclusion.


The Material and Make of the Garage Carpet

How your garage carpet behaves under pressure is dependent on how it was made. So, if you opt for cheaper, low-quality carpeting, there is a good chance that it will get wet and even retain the moisture.

On the other hand, you could also opt for GaragePro garage carpeting, which is made by a reputable European manufacturer. This type of carpeting won’t absorb moisture, so it can’t ever get wet. The reason behind that it’s made from Polypropylene fibres, through a special needle-punching method. The fibres are also stitched in a way that prevents the carpet from getting wet, allowing any fluids to evaporate instead. 

So, by getting our standard carpeting, you’ll be able to keep your garage floors moisture-free, at a reasonable price.


The Installation Process

There can be no guarantees when a carpet isn’t installed by a professional. Surely, we all think we have some Mr. Fix-It in us, however, carpeting a garage should definitely be left to the professionals. 

GaragePro experts have many years of experience in laying garage carpet, and will first make sure that the subsurface is ready for installation. Then, they’ll set up your carpet properly, to ensure moisture can’t get through, and the carpet doesn’t degrade over time. Once our pros finish setting up your carpet, you can park your car, or even a boat in the garage, without having to worry about anything happening to it.

We’re so certain that carpets when properly installed, will stand the test of time that we offer lifetime delamination and zippering warranties. 



Unexpected Benefits of Garage Carpets

If you follow the advice we’ve listed, by buying a high-quality carpet, and having it installed properly, you can expect some additional benefits. For example, GaragePro carpeting can minimise the risks in your garage by preventing slips on rainy days. 

It’s also quite easy to clean and allows you to upgrade the appearance of your garage quickly and effortlessly. Not to mention, it possesses extraordinary durability and is commonly used for commercial projects.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of garage carpeting is that it provides additional insulation to the entire garage. So, it will help you keep a comfortable temperature in the room — all year round. Finally, as the carpet or the floor under it can’t get wet, you won’t have to worry about having mould or high levels of humidity in the room.

Thanks to all of these characteristics, your garage will look great and smell clean for many years to come.


The Final Verdict

When properly installed, quality garage carpet won’t hold in any moisture, condensate or begin to “sweat”. Moreover, it won’t pick up any bad smells or create mould. Instead, your garage carpet will simply let the water evaporate naturally. Thus, it’s the perfect material to set up in a garage, especially if you’re worried about moisture and humidity.

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Property

While a majority of businesses prefer leasing commercial properties instead of purchasing them, some may be apt to buy because of the convenience and flexibility that comes with the latter.

The key to growing business and investment is ensuring flexibility and consistency – even in the long run. This is something that buying a commercial property provides. In this article, we’ll be going through 5 things to consider when purchasing a commercial property.


Thorough Research

When investing in anything, researching beforehand is a vital thing to take into account research is essential to investments. Checking out long term predictions and trends shows you the commercial property you’re looking into.

If there are indications of a decline in the neighboring properties, try to avoid buying one within the neighborhood. However, if you want to invest in that specific commercial property, you can try looking into it deeper and finding out the reason why neighboring properties are in decline.

Is it because they’re old? Is it because they aren’t maintained correctly, or is it the location itself? With that information in hand, you can probably already reach a safe conclusion.


Property Surveying

Getting your property surveyed before deciding is an important step in investing in commercial property. Having a professional survey, the property and premises guarantee that the considerable amount of money you are investing does go to waste.

Always be cautious and critical when surveying the property and make sure that the ones surveying your property are a professional.


Consider Transportation

One of the easily forgotten variables that business owners tend to forget is transport options. You have to think about the location of the property.

Is it near the bus stop? The train station? How hard is it to commute there? These are several things that some business owners may not be taking into account.

Some out-of-town locations suffer from this problem. If your business type caters more to the middle-class, then we suggest that you pick an area that has several transport options.


Decide Objectively

Always take into account the essential things when deciding for something as critical as a commercial property. Think about the weight of your decision and make sure that you don’t dive head-first without thinking ahead.

However, if you want to make sure that you do make the right decision, we suggest that you consult a commercial buyers agent in melbourne. This ensures that the decisions you take have the guidance of a professional, and therefore makes sure you buy the best commercial property in line with your options.


Stick to a Budget

The last and probably most important tip in this article is to stick to your budget. Although we acknowledge that some properties are just too good to pass up, the store is a sacred thing, and you have to make sure that you stick to it as much as you can.

Minor changes are okay, but drastically bringing up your budget puts your business at risk, and as much as we’d hate it, it will most likely make it vulnerable to bankruptcy.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Caloundra

One of the best reasons to live in Caloundra is its internationally recognised pristine waters. However, the town is more than just the ocean and the wives. There are still many other reasons to look forward to living in Caloundra, and we’re sharing our favorites here. 


Home to some of the best education institutions in the country.

It’s not a secret that if we look for a place to invest in or build a home, we always consider our kids’ future. Therefore, looking into the educational agencies and institutions is critical, and Caloundra does not fall short in this aspect. 

For child care, there are centers such as Goodstart Early LEarning Caloundra and Caloundra Community Kindergarten. There are also local government schools, such as the Caloundra State School. These schools and institutions are perfect for growing families. 


There are a lot of activities for families and groups.

If you are looking for a land for sale close to Caloundra, you definitely would want to experience the town’s outdoor activities. However, if you’re also just staying for a few days, you’ll still be able to check out these activities: 


  • Adventure sports
    For the love of the outdoors and adventure, you can experience both land, sea, and air adventures in Caloundra. There are air tours for you to view the blues and greens from above. In the ocean, you can also cruise, sail, and do various water sports. However, a chill experience, you can do golf, biking, or even walking!
  • Attractions and parks
    Don’t forget to visit the theme parks and amusement parks, such as the SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, Aussie World, Big Kart Track, and the Queensland Air Museum. Enjoy the day with your friends and family while experiencing these awesome outdoor spots for both kids and adults!
  • What if it’s a rainy day?
    Don’t fret because there are still indoor activities that you can enjoy! Check out the indoor sports and attractions that adults and kids can both enjoy. Caloundra also beautifully curated art galleries, and you can even enroll in a cooking workshop.


It’s a perfect place to invest in properties.

Simply put it, it’s time to invest in a property regardless of the location. However, Caloundra is one of the best options because there are commercial and residential developments in the area

The economy is also booming because of the business and sectors opening in the area. Specifically, the training, manufacturing, pilot, mechanical, and maintenance facilities are the industries that are helping Caloundra’s economy rise. 


Best Food, culture, and lifestyle experiences.

As industries rise, so are businesses, regardless of the size. Caloundra offers diverse restaurants and gastronomic experiences to both locals and tourists. Many other cultures and people have decided to live in and near the area. 

Cultural and art experiences can be directly experienced in the markets, weekly art scene events, and even the music scene. It’s a place to be and a palace to live with all of these, especially if you are looking to invest and grow your family in an area with everything and more.

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Towels

Shopping for bath towels seems like something that you shouldn’t put much thought into. Just feel out a few or grab the ones in a bundle to get more bang for your buck.

However, if you’re like the lot of us that want our towels to feel as soft and luxurious as possible, you’ve come to the right place! No two towels are the same, and even the color, size, and weight of the towel can affect how good it’s going to feel.

In this guide, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know when picking out your luxury bath towels!


Choosing the Type of Cotton

The type of cotton you choose for your towels is going to be the most crucial when it comes to comfort. Most bath towels are made with standard cotton. You’ve probably owned one of these at some point, and they’re relatively affordable.

If you want different luxury bath towels that stay soft and fluffy for a long time, Turkish cotton should be at the top of your list. Because of the long fibers, Turkish cotton is smoother and a lot more durable than most.

Zero twist cotton is also an acceptable choice because of the unbelievably soft feel while also being lightweight!


Size Matters

Bath towels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider the size of your towel before purchasing one!

If you want a standard bath towel to use after showers or baths, the size you should go for is 27″ x 52″. You can fair well with just having standard bath towel sized towels, and it does its job incredibly well.

If you want something a little larger, a bath sheet is what you need! Bath sheets are slightly larger than standard towels at 35″ x 60″, which means that it offers a lot more coverage. If you’re a bigger person or if you want a larger towel to wrap yourself fully, you should choose this.

If you want something smaller to dry your hands or face, hand towels are 16″ x 30″. Washcloths, on the other hand, are even smaller coming in at 13″ x 13″.


Choosing The Color

Towels can be a phenomenal piece of design to add a finishing touch to your bathroom. When selecting a stack of towels, make sure that it accents your bathroom, and don’t be afraid to choose the ones with patterns and different styles!

White towels are the safest option, but if you want to spice it up, you can get colors based on the season and swap them out when seasons change!


Getting The Weigh Right

The density of bath towels is measured in grams per square meter. Bath towels range from 300-900 GSM, and the weight you need is based on what you want to use the towel for.

300-400 GSM towels are thinner, which makes them perfect for the gym or as kitchen towels. 400-600 GSM is exceptional for usage on the beach because it isn’t too heavy to lug around. Lastly, 600-900 GSM towels are great at absorbing moisture which makes it perfect for baths and showers!


Taking Care of Your Towels

To get the most out of your towel, you have to take proper care of them. Make sure to wash the towels before using them to help seal in their color and remove any excess lint or dust. Also, avoid using fabric softeners since it may make your towels stiff and leave a residue that can damage your skin!

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5 baby formula myths debunked

Taking care of newborn babies involves a lot of precautions. Parents, mothers especially are always careful with what they feed their children. This is so because of how weak and fragile babies are.

Any mistake on the part of the parents can lead to unwanted circumstances. Hence, parents tend to seek counsel from older parents or better still from medical practitioners.

In all the running around for baby counsels by parents, a lot of myths are told to them. These are most especially linked to baby formulas and breastfeeding. So much so that, parents no longer know what and what not to believe. Well, in this article we intend to clear the air on some of those baby formula myths.

Myth #1: Breast milk-fed babies are better than formula milk-fed babies

I think this is one of the myths that have lingered amongst us the longest. This myth needs to be debunked because none of it is true. I used to believe it too until I made my research on the topic and found out that it was an elaborate lie.

This myth is a lie because all formula milk are highly fortified. Yes! They contain all the necessary minerals, vitamins, and simple sugars that infant requires. Some even go ahead to contain ingredients that mimic that of breast milk.

One more thing to shake off that fear. Baby formulas must be tested and approved by appropriate bodies before being released into the market. The only thing a parent can do is to be sure of products by doing extensive research. Check here!

Myth #2: Formula-fed turn out obese

Although there are several studies to back up this claim, it is still not true. These studies did not conclusively blame children obesity on formula.

Other studies that have debunked this myth using formula-fed babies, and breast milk-fed babies in families. The result showed that obesity in children is due to other family factors and not formula milk. Hence, no need to fret about your baby getting obese from the formula.

Myth #3: formula-fed babies are dull

Breast milk will not increase a baby’s IQ. Studies have shown that the intelligence of children is better linked to their mother’s IQ and not what they are fed. The Formula milk on the other hand will not make your dull. Like I mentioned before, formula milk contains all the necessary ingredients to make a healthy child.

Myth #4: Formula fed babies sleep for a longer period

I think if this were true mothers would patronize formula more. But, it is not. The first 3-4 months after a baby is born, the baby will wake up at intervals every night, formula fed or not.

Most people think that formula is heavy and takes a longer time to digest. So much that it makes babies sleep longer. Well, that is not true. The sleep rate of a baby is determined by a host of reasons not even linked to how they are fed.  One of which is temperament.

Myth #5: Breast-fed babies are better bonded with their moms

This is the myth that scares mothers the most. Scientific can hardly prove this because they cannot quantify emotions. However, most moms believe that it is true. They believe that breastfeeding a child draws the child closer to them. Because they get to exchange pheromones, and the baby depends on them entirely.

Well, it is different for other mothers that find breastfeeding quite tasking. The baby might not react well to the mother’s breast milk. That is fine. Just do what works best for you and your baby.

Bonds are created depending on the level of affection a mother shows towards the child. Breastfeeding might release love hormones but then love supersedes that. You can know more at https://www.staleyfarmsgolfclub.com/the-benefits-of-linen-bedding/

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The Benefits of Linen Bedding

From linen sheets Australia to Egyptian cotton, there are so many different types of bedding to choose from today. The type of bedding you have is important because it’ll impact your night’s rest. If you don’t have a good night’s sleep, it can start your day off badly and it’s a nightmare. You’re moody and unhappy; it’s not the way you want to start the day. It’s essential to find the bedding that’s soft on your skin but breathable so you can sleep well and start your day right. Linen has become a popular choice and it does offer many advantages too. So, what are the benefits of linen bedding?

Linen Is Durable and Anti-Static

While a cotton blanket Australia can look lovely, linen does have the advantage – slightly. Linen is very durable, almost twice as durable as cotton and that’s really important. Durability helps to ensure the linen will last longer which means you have to replace them less. Remember, if linen is more durable than cotton, it needs to be replaced less frequently and that’s a great way to save money. Also, it’s anti-static and that helps to keep the skin happy. Linen is soft and kind to skin. More details!

Linen Is a Breathable Fabric and Easy To Maintain

Linen is breathable and that’s vital. Breathable fabrics help to regulate your body temperature during summer and winter months. Linen helps you to stay cool during the summer and warm in the winter. This means no matter the season, the sheets can be suitable so you can use them all year round. It’s also soft and easy to maintain. Linen sheets Australia is ideal for most seasons and can work amazingly well for most homes. The only thing you need to do is to ensure they are washed properly at the right temperature.

Linen Sheets Australia Is a Great Investment

Buying a cotton blanket Australia can be a wonderful idea and it’s a cost-effective solution too. However, linen is also a great investment for the home. While linen is a little more expensive to buy, if it’s maintained well, it can last longer. It’s also very durable, breathable, and soft. In a way, it’s more eco-friendly than other bedding so it’s sometimes the smarter choice. You can buy it in all sorts of colors, textures, and designs, and can fit well into any household. Linen is cost-effective in the long-term too, if you think about it because you buy sheets less frequently.

Find the Best Bedding for You

Bedding doesn’t sound overly important but when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it’s crucial. Bedding can make all the difference and selecting the best isn’t too difficult either. One of the best choices would be linen. Linen is actually a great investment for households and can be easy to maintain. It’s one of the better choices for bedding and suits most people too. If you’re buying linen sheets Australia, ensure you buy quality sheets so that you enjoy them and they last longer. Click here for more information: https://www.staleyfarmsgolfclub.com/is-linen-or-cotton-better-for-bedding/

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