Everything You Need to Know About Living in Officer

Officer is one the up and coming suburbs in the greater Melbourne area. So many people are flocking here, buying and renting properties all over the place. But is it the best place for you? Keep reading to find out whether moving to Officer will be the right choice for you.


General Information

Officer sits in traditional Aboriginal country, and is one of the more developed areas in Melbourne. The suburb was previously home to both brickmaking and timber industries, which helped put it on the map. It’s close to both Berwick (8km), and Melbourne (48km), making it popular with working professionals who don’t mind the commute.

Nowadays, Officer has become the hub of development, with new apartments, houses and even entire neighbourhoods being built. Additionally, the suburb now houses the Council seat, which sits in Officer’s Town Centre.



There are currently twelve schools in the Officer area. Most notably, the Officer Secondary College, Bridgewood Primary School and Berwick Grammar school, etc.

If you choose to live here, you’ll also be minutes away from both Arena and Beaconsfield shopping precincts. Additionally, one of the biggest perks of living in Officer is that you’ll have easy access to the M1 freeway, as well as great public transport. There are also several medical facilities in close proximity, so all of your needs will be met.

Another great thing about Officer is that it has plenty of green areas, parks, cafes and bars. So, residents can live a well-rounded lifestyle, and have all of the amenities they need within close reach.


The Real Estate Market

Officer consists of several residential communities, all of which are well-designed and maintained. The communities are made up of either houses or apartment complexes, giving you the ability to either rent or own your home. Additionally, there’s still land for sale Officer that allows you to build your dream home from scratch.

Price-wise, Officer is one of the most affordable suburbs in the greater Melbourne area. This is what draws a lot of homeowners here, as the suburb allows them to own their home outright, at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, because there’s still a lot of ongoing development here, homeowners can expect a high ROI when purchasing a property.

Many residents also love that the housing is created in medium density areas — giving everyone enough space to live, breathe and grow.


Who Lives Here?

Because of all of the amenities that Officer has to offer, it’s very popular with both working singles and families alike. There are also some retirees living here, as the area is very calm and the community is quite friendly. Finally, the suburb has become quite popular with developers, who are buying out the land for sale Officer left and right.


Final Thoughts

With great schooling, shopping and a developed infrastructure, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to Officer. There’s really not much more you could ask from the suburb. It’s a great choice for working people, families as well as retirees. The quiet streets and friendly neighbourhoods will surely take a special in your heart, keeping you here for good.

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