Can A Garage Carpet Get Wet?

To understand whether a garage carpet can get wet, we first must talk about its make and installation process. These two factors play a key role in water retention (or lack of it) and must be taken into account before we come to a conclusion.


The Material and Make of the Garage Carpet

How your garage carpet behaves under pressure is dependent on how it was made. So, if you opt for cheaper, low-quality carpeting, there is a good chance that it will get wet and even retain the moisture.

On the other hand, you could also opt for GaragePro garage carpeting, which is made by a reputable European manufacturer. This type of carpeting won’t absorb moisture, so it can’t ever get wet. The reason behind that it’s made from Polypropylene fibres, through a special needle-punching method. The fibres are also stitched in a way that prevents the carpet from getting wet, allowing any fluids to evaporate instead. 

So, by getting our standard carpeting, you’ll be able to keep your garage floors moisture-free, at a reasonable price.


The Installation Process

There can be no guarantees when a carpet isn’t installed by a professional. Surely, we all think we have some Mr. Fix-It in us, however, carpeting a garage should definitely be left to the professionals. 

GaragePro experts have many years of experience in laying garage carpet, and will first make sure that the subsurface is ready for installation. Then, they’ll set up your carpet properly, to ensure moisture can’t get through, and the carpet doesn’t degrade over time. Once our pros finish setting up your carpet, you can park your car, or even a boat in the garage, without having to worry about anything happening to it.

We’re so certain that carpets when properly installed, will stand the test of time that we offer lifetime delamination and zippering warranties.


Unexpected Benefits of Garage Carpets

If you follow the advice we’ve listed, by buying a high-quality carpet, and having it installed properly, you can expect some additional benefits. For example, GaragePro carpeting can minimise the risks in your garage by preventing slips on rainy days. 

It’s also quite easy to clean and allows you to upgrade the appearance of your garage quickly and effortlessly. Not to mention, it possesses extraordinary durability and is commonly used for commercial projects.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of garage carpeting is that it provides additional insulation to the entire garage. So, it will help you keep a comfortable temperature in the room — all year round. Finally, as the carpet or the floor under it can’t get wet, you won’t have to worry about having mould or high levels of humidity in the room.

Thanks to all of these characteristics, your garage will look great and smell clean for many years to come.


The Final Verdict

When properly installed, quality garage carpet won’t hold in any moisture, condensate or begin to “sweat”. Moreover, it won’t pick up any bad smells or create mould. Instead, your garage carpet will simply let the water evaporate naturally. Thus, it’s the perfect material to set up in a garage, especially if you’re worried about moisture and humidity.

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